Dave Hewson: 2019 Year in Review

Dave Hewson: 2019 Year in Review

OnSecurity CEO Dave Hewson reflects on another big year for OnSecurity and speculates about 2020.

Dave Hewson
Dave Hewson
Chief Executive Officer
January 31, 2020

Looking forward and a glance back

It’s always good to look ahead to what the New Year brings for every business, but having a glance back over the previous year can be insightful and an opportunity to do more of the good and less of the bad.

2019 we’re growing up at OnSecurity

We had a year of consistent growth in 2019 hiring more staff and associates, on-boarding more clients and taking a record number of test bookings from both Enterprise and SME clients.

We also outgrew our Bristol office and have taken residence in a nice new building in the centre of Bristol. We love Bristol.

Yes we have awesome testers. We have an amazing product too

Our portal product continues to evolve and we’ve launched a bunch of new features as we move closer to our mission of making pen-testing engagement easy for all companies regardless of size and maturity.

It’s not just our clients; we look after our testers too. We’ve introduced a number of enhancements for the tester interface, enabling our testers to spend less time on reporting and admin and more time on what they do best, finding vulnerabilities!

On the client portal, we’ve a new look and feel. We’ve added some subtle features that make the site more intuitive and easier to navigate. The test booking workflow has been optimised and simplified meaning you can now book your tests faster with less mistakes.

An improved full and partial re-test workflow means re-tests can be requested in about three clicks now.

The testing timeline and notification feature gives you a clear, visual view of what testing activities are planned over the coming months, a simple addition but very useful.

We’ve also introduced the ability to auto generate a PDF proposal from an estimate giving you instant access to the information often required to raise a purchase order or get finance sign-off.

Last but not least, we’ve a new executive summary format which contains the right level of information in an easy to understand and follow format.

We’re proud of where we are today, but we’re just getting started

Demystifying the dark art of penetration testing for our clients is core to what we do.

We achieve this by having a transparent engagement model and keeping the client in control of their pen-testing requirements. We’re here to help, not hinder.

2020 is an exciting year for the OnSecurity team and our clients. Growth and innovation are the key headlines, more exciting features planned for the portal roadmap, removing pain and adding value.

We’re also working on a few exciting side hustles, the DevSecOps stuff is truly awesome and is the only one I’m allowed to mention… watch this space!

Thank you!

We can’t thank our clients enough for their loyalty and support over the past year. We continuously learn from the feedback helping us refine our approach to build a pen-testing company that is better for our clients, our testers and the community. We’re ready for 2020 and I’m excited to see what we achieve.

About the author

Dave Hewson is CEO and Co-founder of OnSecurity. He has over a decade of pen-testing experience including software development and load & performance testing. Feel free to connect with Dave on LinkedIn.

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