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Cloud Penetration Testing Service

At OnSecurity, our team of experts can provide your business with a cloud penetration testing service that discovers and highlights weaknesses within your organisation’s cloud infrastructure. Cloud security testing is fundamental to security in today's digital business landscape, providing you with information that is essential to fortifying your security measures and protecting your business from cyber-attacks.

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Cloud Security Challenges

The top cloud security challenges are data breaches, compliance requirements and lack of IT and security expertise. Cloud data breaches are of critical concern to every organisation, often resulting in huge fines, not to mention serious reputational damage.

Strong cloud security posture is a core part of compliance regulations like GDPR, PCI DSS and HIPAA, and it can be difficult to understand who is responsible for security in the cloud. The cloud provider is responsible for the security of the cloud, whereas the end user provides security in the cloud. With the average enterprise now using 3-4 cloud environments of different complexities, some smaller companies are avoiding using the cloud whatsoever as they feel they lack the expertise needed to secure it.

What is Cloud Security Testing?

Our full cloud penetration testing service is both ethical hacking from the Internet against your cloud exposure, as well as a white box authenticated audit against your cloud services, that will review your platforms against both accepted best practices and widely respected benchmarks.

The goal of cloud penetration testing is to ensure external attackers cannot exploit your cloud platforms and gain access to sensitive data held within. Whilst also ensuring that in the worst-case scenario if an attacker has managed to gain access to your cloud infrastructure, the configuration provides difficulty in obtaining, extracted data as well as early detection and monitoring of the attack.

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Security Testing?

As part of our security testing service, our experts essentially replicate what real-life hackers do, but in a legal framework. In exploiting vulnerabilities through a simulated attack, you can identify weaknesses in your external IaaS, PaaS, and FaaS cloud exposure and therefore take action. Our white box audit will also allow us to identify any key misconfigurations on your platforms.

From these activities, we create reports identifying issues and details of how to fix them. Once you know where your weaknesses are, you can work to resolve the issues and protect your business from real hackers intending to cause harm and steal data.

OnSecurity Cloud Penetration Testing Service

OnSecurity’s Cloud Pentesting service is designed to identify any issues in your cloud environment so you can fix them before an attacker can take advantage. Examples of activities include DNS enumeration and configuration, analysis of your cloud setup, and reviews of the exposure of your services.

The aim is to identify whether anything is excessively exposed, leading to an increase in your attack surface. All data should not be in the public domain or accessible by unauthenticated users, and there should be no leakage of any access keys which might enable an attacker to gain root control of your cloud environment.

Are you CREST Certified?

OnSecurity is a CREST (Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers) approved vendor. This means that all our test methodologies, processes, policies and procedures have been externally vetted by CREST to ensure we are operating to the highest standards possible in the pentesting industry.

On top of this the majority of our testers are CREST certified, meaning they have been through a CREST assault course (or CREST-recognised equivalent) to ensure they have the requisite skills needed to find and exploit vulnerabilities in a safe and controlled manner.

This external validation means you can be confident your pentests are being carried out to the highest standard, by vetted and tested consultants, who use a best-in-class manual-first approach to testing.

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Improve Cloud Security Posture and Defense Capabilities

Cloud security penetration testing allows you to identify any risks in your cloud environment and compare them against industry best practices. Our test methodologies, processes, policies and procedures have been externally vetted by CREST to ensure we are operating to the highest standards possible in the pentesting industry.

The cloud pentesting process enables you to not only identify areas where you can implement risk reducing measures, but uncovers what an attacker could actually access in a real hack. It’s vital to understanding your cloud environment and how vulnerable it is to an attack.

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