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Efficient vulnerability management 24/7, with Scan

Remove the guesswork in detecting vulnerabilities in your internet-facing infrastructure.


Cutting-edge Tech

The latest vulnerability scanning technology, used on every scan.

Reduce Risk

Scan runs daily on our real-time tier, drastically reducing the window of opportunity for cyber-criminals.

Effortless Compliance

Instantly show evidence of scanning to comply with SOC II Type II, PCI-DSS, ISO27001 standards.

Integrate in your workflows

Slack, Teams, JIRA, ServiceNow integration, plus a fully-featured API.

Attack surface monitoring

Get alerted in real time when your attack surface changes, so you can take action before hackers do.

Easy setup

Automatic target detection lets you start scanning within seconds.

Find and fix vulnerabilities before an attacker does

60% of breaches are linked to poor patch management. Cyber-attackers constantly mass-scan the internet for known vulnerabilities that can be used to compromise organisations. Scan helps you detect and remediate vulnerabilities in your infrastructure rapidly, checking against over 20,000 common entry routes and drastically reducing opportunity for attack.
How it works

See Scan in Action

Scan alerts you to vulnerabilities in real time, so you can stay one step ahead of hackers.


Cutting edge scanning tech

Find the most dangerous vulnerabilities before the bad guys do with our cutting-edge vulnerability scanning technology. To get started, simply add the targets you want to protect, or better yet let us detect your targets with our OSINT technology.


Round-the-clock protection

Scan gets to work, identifying and detecting vulnerabilities in your targets. It works 24/7 on our real-time tier, and will let you know as soon as a new vulnerability arises. Our actionable findings tell you what the problem is, where we found it and what you need to do to take action immediately to fix the problem and stay safe.


Attack surface monitoring

Continuous, real-time attack surface monitoring. Scan will notify you as soon as a new port or service opens on your Internet-facing perimeter, so you can stay in the know and keep your business safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How quickly will I get my results?

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