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Mobile apps (both iOS and Android) are often the most critical asset in modern businesses, yet one of the most frequently overlooked when it comes to security and penetration testing . An insecurely developed mobile app can be a treasure trove of information for an attacker, who will look to exploit weak apps to gain access to sensitive data and customer accounts.

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The basics

What devices do we cover during a mobile application penetration test?

OnSecurity will test both iOS and Android mobile apps. Whether written in Swift, JavaScript, or as a hybrid mobile application (using a language like ReactNative or Ionic), our team of experienced testers will be able to identify the technologies, interfaces, protocols and frameworks at use and customise the attack to suit your application.

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Testing Benefits

Why secure your mobile application?

Mobile apps have become a goldmine for attackers thanks to the amount of data they generate. Penetration testing is a vital part of mobile app security, and is crucial to ensure you’re identifying any critical vulnerabilities which might exist in your application.

A hacker could exploit these to gain access to user accounts, compromise or expose data, subvert the app’s functionality or even to launch attacks against other app users. Not only damaging to your reputation and productivity of your business, without strong mobile app security, you might also find yourself subject to penalties for being in breach of data regulations.

Manual Not Automated

The best practices in mobile app penetration testing:

OnSecurity’s mobile pentesting methodology involves 4 major phases:

The Discovery Phase is used to gather information about the application and its environment, identifying and listing the targets, in order to understand the scope of the Attack Surface. The tester will then work to identify any weaknesses in the configuration of the deployment of the application.

The Attack Phase mimics real attacker behaviour as the tester attempts to identify and exploit vulnerabilities, and the Endpoint Assessment exposes any weaknesses in the transport layer which could allow an attacker to compromise the host.

These tests are highly skilled tasks that are impossible to automate, aided by the use of testing tools as a real hacker would, and working alongside an agreed term of reference. OnSecurity is a CREST-approved vendor, meaning our methods have been independently vetted, and our testers can be trusted to find and exploit vulnerabilities safely.

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CREST Registered - CREST Certified

Are you CREST Certified?

Penetration testing is a highly sensitive operation, yet anyone with a computer can call themselves a pentesting vendor. Ensuring the responsibility of the organisation, as well as the expertise of the testers, is paramount when booking a pen test, as well as verifying a code of conduct. The CREST accreditation provides assurance for buyers that the organisation has submitted all their methods, procedures and policies and been deemed ‘fit for purpose’.

OnSecurity is a CREST-approved mobile pentesting vendor, so you can be confident your pen tests are conducted by externally-vetted, experienced consultants, to the highest possible standards, and using the ‘manual-first’ approach.

Keeping Your Mobile App Secure

OnSecurity Mobile Application Penetration Testing Service

OnSecurity’s mobile penetration testing service works in hours, not days - so you can rest assured that all the time scheduled is active testing. As our consultants report as they find issues, there’s no dead time while you wait for a large report to be generated, so you can get to work fixing issues as soon as they’re discovered.

Not only that, but we don’t charge cancellation or rescheduling fees, so if you run into any delays in your app development you won’t be wasting money. Thanks to our platform-based approach, you can see our active lead time for tests, enabling you to plan in a time that suits your schedule. Grab a quote in as little as 60 seconds!

Keeping Your Mobile App Secure
Cost of Mobile App Testing

Cost of Mobile App Testing

How much does a mobile application penetration test cost?

Getting a quote for a mobile application pentest couldn’t be simpler - we don’t even need to speak to you! We just need the answers from two quick questions about your app, and we’ll provide you with an instant online quote, thanks to our testing team’s expertise. Our estimates are over 95% accurate.

Booking a pentest traditionally takes many emails and scoping questions back and forth. With OnSecurity you can get a quote and book in a pentest within 60 seconds - and we work in hours, not days. On average we are 38% more cost-effective than other vendors, thanks to precise hourly billing, no postponement or cancellation fees, and free retesting.

Getting Started

Booking your Mobile Penetration Test

Booking one of our penetration testing services couldn’t be simpler. There are no phone calls or emails needed, all it takes is for you to answer two quick questions and we’ll get you onto our industry-leading online platform.

From here, we’ll have the ability to provide you with an instant online quote for your required service.

We will begin your chosen penetration testing service on the date selected by you and begin reporting our findings as and when we discover them. There is no waiting around for weeks for these to come through, we’ll provide you with the information when we have it ourselves.

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