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OnSecurity’s vulnerability scanning tool helps businesses to stay on top of their security

Vulnerability management helping businesses stay on top of their security

Learn how 1000heads uses OnSecurity’s vulnerability scanner and pentest services to avoid emerging security threats and secure client data.

Olivia Tanner
Olivia Tanner
Content & Communications Manager
May 17, 2024

1000heads is a word-of-mouth agency helping deliver social transformation for industry-leading brands including Meta, Google, North Face and Wella. With a global presence of 250 employees, they combine expertise in data, analytics, strategy, technology and creativity, to support the world’s best businesses to build social age brands.

Customer data and information is the golden thread that runs through any agency. That is why prioritising security practices is necessary to mitigate any breach or attack.

1000heads uses OnSecurity for ongoing vulnerability infrastructure scanning and conducts annual pentesting for infrastructure and web applications.

Why did you choose OnSecurity?

1000heads joined OnSecurity in 2021 with little to no security programme in place. Nick was appointed IT Director at 1000heads to drive a strategic focus around security.

“When I joined 1000heads, I built the ISMS and implemented controls to support ISO 27001 certification. The company always had an ambition to get certified because it supported client onboarding success but also helped us become more aligned against security frameworks which ultimately prevents the risk of breach.” Nick shared.

1000heads uses OnSecurity to address endpoint vulnerabilities and scans its infrastructure, covering cloud environments and external-facing websites.

Nick shared: “The simplicity of OnSecurity’s platform was the selling point for us! The tool fits perfectly into our security programme and is simple enough for the team to follow. We have a very streamlined department so something that could manage all aspects of our vulnerability management was key.”

How did you find the onboarding process?

OnSecurity encourages clients to self-serve throughout their scan, however, our team is on hand to answer any queries.

Greg shared: “The onboarding process was a real quick win for us. We signed up for a trial and within 10 minutes we were already scanning. The process of transitioning from a proof of concept to a product environment was seamless.”

OnSecurity prides itself on delivering an efficient onboarding process that takes away paperwork headaches. Once registered with our platform, clients can book, manage and schedule tests autonomously.

“The ongoing support we’ve received has been excellent. The initial setup and configuration happened very quickly. I appreciate the hands-off approach and the availability of Account Managers when needed.”

Scale your business with OnSecurity

Customers tend to use OnSecurity's platform differently, whether they're an SMB or an enterprise managing complex security practices. For 1000heads, our services have scaled with their growth requirements.

“We needed a tool that was easy to implement, easy to manage and that would essentially scan our core infrastructure to enable us to remediate threats. As part of ISO requirements and continual improvement to our security practices, we have moved into other services that OnSecurity offers, such as the annual pentesting. This has allowed us to scale up and test our development environment more thoroughly.”

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed using OnSecurity for Scan and Penetration Testing and we’ll carry on using it for as long as we need to.”

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