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Leading Care Management provider improves its security health with OnSecurity

Leading Care Management provider uses OnSecurity for pentesting

Learn how OneTouch Health Group improved their security health with our CREST-accredited testing services. Real-time reporting, competitive lead time, and expert testers.

Olivia Tanner
Olivia Tanner
Content & Communications Manager
January 26, 2024

With customers globally, OnSecurity has been at the forefront of online penetration testing since 2018. With real-time reporting and retesting, OnSecurity prides itself on offering a high-end testing service that enables customers to identify vulnerabilities and act against potential threats.

Our CREST-accredited testers and competitive lead time set us apart from other pentesting services. This is what drew OneTouch Health to our Portal.

Let’s talk about our friends at OneTouch Health Group…

Since 2018, the OneTouch Health Group has utilised technology to support the social and healthcare sector. Offering an award-winning 360-degree care management system to support rostering, finance, and governance among other things, and online access to the latest procedures for children and adult social care, OneTouch Health focuses on supporting residential, home care and clinical management services globally.

With the rapid growth of the company over the last couple of years, OneTouch Health recognised the importance of onboarding a trusted penetration tester to prevent any security vulnerabilities. OneTouch came to OnSecurity requiring an AWS Cloud Audit, Web Application Testing, Mobile App Pentesting, and Azure Cloud Testing.

What made you start to use us initially?

Holding a large global database with sensitive client data, OneTouch needs to be proactive and on top of its cyber security controls to mitigate any malicious actors or threats.

We sat down with Kieran Darnell, Chief Operating Officer at OneTouch to find out exactly what drew them to OnSecurity. He shared: “Finding a CREST-accredited penetration testing provider was a non-negotiable for OneTouch.”

Here at OnSecurity, we are extremely proud to offer CREST-accredited testing. It represents and recognises that our testing is held at the highest quality and most professional among many penetration testing services.

Kieran goes on to say: “We had scoped several companies but OnSecurity was the clear winner. We were impressed with the lead time, value for money and above all, the CREST accreditation.”

What did you think of the onboarding process?

Onboarding with OnSecurity in 2023, OneTouch Health has been on our system for just under six months. Kieran shared: “The onboarding experience was extremely positive. Our Account Manager, Chris, was very informative and knew the business inside and out. With his guidance and the extensive information provided on the Portal, we had a clear oversight of our pentest findings.”

”We were pleased with the efficiency of the testing, particularly as we were keen to get the test kicked off as soon as possible. I would also like to mention that OnSecurity were very accommodating when we made any last-minute adjustments to our testing needs. The team were flexible when we increased our requirements mid-way through the onboarding process.”

How did you find the testing process?

OnSecurity offers a bespoke Portal to all pentest customers enabling access to real-time results and an exclusive opportunity to chat directly with your testers.

Kieran shared: “Using the Portal was a bonus for OneTouch in terms of checking the progress of the test and results. With clear, concise findings showing the priorities, the team were able to mitigate vulnerabilities and work through necessary changes to create improvements quickly.”

“Not only that, but the testing team were extremely responsive when it came to retesting, making it easy to make changes as requested with ease. We are very happy with the service we received and have no reason not to use OnSecurity for our testing in the future.”

Are you looking for a CREST accredited penetration test, receive a free quote today!

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