OnSecurity supports ParentPay with its manual pentesting service and comprehensive portal

ParentPay confidently chose OnSecurity for its manual pentesting and comprehensive portal

ParentPay trusts OnSecurity for manual pentesting & its comprehensive portal. Discover why after 100+ successful tests. Expertise, transparency, and partnership make us the choice. Explore now!

Olivia Tanner
Olivia Tanner
Senior Marketing Executive
April 04, 2024

After 100+ successful pentests with ParentPay, we uncover the reasons why they continue to trust OnSecurity to deliver high intelligence & high impact pentests.

ParentPay Group is an international technology supplier providing solutions to the education sector. They provide a payment, communication, and management information platform built to bridge the gap between schools and parents.

ParentPay is one of OnSecurity’s longest-standing clients, having joined us in 2021 and having had over 100 pentests from us.

Taking our minds back to when they first joined us, Elliott Lewis, CISO at ParentPay, was on the hunt for a reputable penetration testing service that offered reliable manual testing.

What made you start to use OnSecurity initially?

In a world of automation, ParentPay was particularly keen to find a manual pentesting service that used real-life pentesters. Elliott shared: “I was looking for a company that used experienced human testers to understand and test business logic when penetration testing, and this is not workable with automation alone.

“We have our own internal penetration tester and coordinator who sits in between the business requirements and our test suppliers. Over the years, he has built a great relationship with OnSecurity’s testers. He trusts their work and really appreciates their support, even outside of the testing runs.”

Our Account Managers and testers are on hand to provide expertise or knowledge where necessary and are more than happy to provide guidance and support where they can.

What did you think of the onboarding process?

OnSecurity’s pentesting portal offers complete transparency over the testing schedule and reports. “We immediately liked the experience of the portal, the interface and capabilities are significantly better than alternatives. It enables much easier scheduling and, crucially, provides real-time findings, which allows us to move much more quickly.

Take a look around our Portal, book in for a chat with the guys

How did you find the testing process?

Our team of CREST-accredited testers are some of the best in the business. From scope to testing, OnSecurity prides itself on providing an efficient service that meets a high standard.

“We’ve used OnSecurity for much of our testing for several years now. I rest assured knowing that they have very capable testers doing true manual testing, with the context of the application in mind. It’s critical that a human head is thinking about business logic and finding flaws that automated tools can’t. We’re extremely happy with the service that OnSecurity provides.”

Elliott said: “Along with all of the above, we are just generally very impressed by the flexibility, transparency and speed of testing. The full process is streamlined and we really do consider OnSecurity’s team as a valued partner. They’re always happy to help where they can, and each engagement is a pleasure.”

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