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Brand New OnSecurity Portal Integration: Slack feature

Brand New OnSecurity Portal Feature: Slack Integration

Experience real-time communication with your penetration test testers during the testing process for enhanced collaboration and continuous timely updates.

Conor O'Neill
Conor O'Neill
Founder & Chief Product Officer
March 15, 2018

Live chat with your penetration tester

Wouldn’t it be great if you could speak directly to your pen-tester during the test itself? Good news! our latest integration with Slack allows you to do just that.

Use Slack to Chat with your Pentester as the test is ongoing

What is Slack?

Slack is the hugely popular cloud-based team collaboration tool. It’s our instant-chat tool of choice here at OnSecurity HQ. It’s fast, it’s secure, it integrates into your workflow - It’s awesome.

Slack is a safe and secure collaboration tool

What’s new?

Instead of waiting for account managers to email you back, now you’ll have a direct channel to a real security expert. This approach - where pen-testers aren’t hidden away from clients - makes pen-testing much more transparent because findings and fixes can be explained in real time. It also makes tests more efficient by removing the little delays as they pop up, like resetting passwords, clarifying scope, or ordering retests.

What’s the same?

Security findings will still be reported through your client portal so they are all kept in one place. The Slack channel is open one week post-test, so that you can debrief and clarify findings or remediation advice - after that, it’s disabled and securely archived.

How do I activate this feature?

Simple. On your client portal, hit ‘Join Slack’ on any active test and viola! you’re chatting directly to your pen-testers like they were onsite with you.

How to Join A Slack Chat with a Security Expert

There are loads more cool features in the pipeline, so let us know what you think and what you’d like to see next by dropping us a line: contact@onsecurity.co. We’d love to hear from you.

Happy testing!

The OnSecurity Development Team.

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