RPMG Select OnSecurity as their offensive security partner

RPMG chose OnSecurity as their offensive security partner

Learn now about RPMG's cybersecurity enhancement with OnSecurity's Radar. See how real-time alerts and proactive intelligence help prevent cyber threats.

Olivia Tanner
Olivia Tanner
Content & Communications Manager
August 24, 2023

With over 300 customers globally, OnSecurity has been at the forefront of offensive online cybersecurity since 2018. With the release of Radar, OnSecurity’s threat intelligence tool, businesses can gather, analyse and apply information about potential or current cyber-attacks and put proactive measures in place to prevent damage.

With 80% of breaches caused by hackers finding and exploiting known vulnerabilities, Radar gives you the power to find these vulnerabilities before the bad guys do. This is exactly what happened for RPMG.

Let’s talk about RPMG…

RPMG is an ethanol marketing company that sources ethanol produced in the Midwest of America and brings it to market, selling it to some of the biggest players in the oil and gas industry. RPMG is a successful company in its space and boasts some impressive customers including Shell and BP.

The team recognises the importance of putting tight security measures in place to protect the privacy of their customers and data, which is why they came to us at OnSecurity.

Jared Kahle, is an IT Administrator at RPMG, where they have been using OnSecurity since September 2022. He shared: “We kicked off Radar with the 14-day free trial. On the 14th day, we received a notification about a typosquat. With this, we were able to track exactly where the typosquat had been registered and within a couple of hours were able to alert customers and close down the threat.”

Find out more about typosquats here

Radar allows organisations to expand their security team without added personnel, keeping costs low and output high.

“You can never have enough eyes on cyber security. Our IT department is just a small team of two, so Radar is an essential tool assuring us that we’re not at risk while supporting our wider security strategy.”

How Radar has helped

RPMG was drawn to OnSecurity for its competitive prices and real-time alerts. He shared: “The real-time reporting enables us full visibility and we can share this with the C-suite as and when required which is a huge plus.”

Embedding Radar into RPMG’s security strategy has:

  • Ensured no nasty surprises - The team now has the confidence that Radar is monitoring their domain and any subdomains 24/7 and will alert them if they’re exposed to a threat.
  • Proactive Vs Reactive - Radar facilitates a proactive approach to cyber security. The real-time alerts and reports enable Jared and the team to rapidly triage any risks and mitigate further damage.
  • Increased efficiency amongst the team - With Radar being the ‘eyes’ for vulnerabilities, it creates more efficient use of staff time, meaning they can focus attention on other areas of IT.
  • Breached credentials - With Radar’s password analysis tool, RPMG has insight into employees’ password practices and is able to notify them of breached credentials.

Jared shared: “We found that Radar quietened down a bit after we ran a Pentest with you guys. Any risks associated with that test were mitigated but it is still great for us to continue scanning for threats between pentests. It gives us the confidence that our security defence is doing its job.”

Would you recommend Radar to others?

Jared said: “Yes. And for the price absolutely! The simplicity is great and makes the dashboard easy to manage. I love that it scales accordingly - that is a huge bonus. This tool delivers tons of value and it's reassuring to see new updates happening all the time.“

“There could be millions of dollars of damage from a cyber breach but Radar prevents huge risks and costly implications. You really can’t have enough eyes on cyber security and what’s better, Radar does that for you.”

OnSecurity takes feedback from customers very seriously. In fact, our portal is seeing constant updates and improvements from where we have received recommendations. Our developers are constantly working to enhance customer experience and deliver more value.

Join RPMG and start your offensive security journey with us! Start your 14-day free trial here: https://www.onsecurity.io/radar/

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