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Radar: How And Why You Can Stamp Out Fashion Fraud

How And Why You Can Stamp Out Fashion Fraud With Radar

Uncover strategies for recognizing impending phishing attacks. This post details our proactive approach in warning a customer about a serious fraud attempt.

Conor O'Neill
Conor O'Neill
Founder & Chief Product Officer
November 18, 2022

We all know how important reputation is, so here's how our client avoided a fashion faux-pas by putting stop to a damaging Typosquat attack.

The customer

OnSecurity worked with a high-end fashion retailer driving most of its multi-million pound revenue directly through an ecommerce site. The company was built on key values of high quality, responsible practices and sustainability.

Our customer’s online presence is extensive, so protecting their internet-facing assets directly translates into protecting its brand. They wanted to be aware of any exposure they might have to damaging and fraudulent attacks.

Radar Spotlight

The finding

The client used Radar, OnSecurity’s threat and attack intelligence tool, to monitor the web and dark-web for domain-related information. Identifying a potentially suspicious finding in our Typosquat monitoring module, Radar quickly detected that a similar URL to the customer’s domain had been registered.

This URL directed the client to a sophisticated copy-cat site.

Bad actors, using our client’s trusted brand, were using this typosquat domain to sell bad quality, cheap clothing at inflated prices to unsuspecting visitors.


The fix

Thanks to Radar’s intelligent dashboard, our client was made aware of the problem straight away, and asked for OnSecurity’s assistance. We discovered that the site had actually been operational for 18 months without prior detection, infringing our client’s copyright and defrauding their customers.

The OnSecurity team assisted in issuing a DMCA takedown to the site’s hosting provider. The site was removed within 24 hours, and once we located the fraudsters we thought we’d tip off local law enforcement as well!

Would you know if this was happening to your organisation? Try Radar for free for 14 days and find out.

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