Travel technology company uses OnSecurity for it’s crest-accredited penetration testing

OnSecurity supplies trusted CREST-accredited testing for its customers

Snowfall Travel praises OnSecurity's efficient onboarding and smooth testing process. Detailed results helped prioritise fixes, making the experience seamless.

Olivia Tanner
Olivia Tanner
Content & Communications Manager
July 08, 2024

Snowfall Travel began using OnSecurity's testing services in April 2024 and recently shared their feedback with the team.

Let’s learn a bit more about Snowfall Travel…

Snowfall Travel is a UK-based, Swedish-founded travel technology company that has been delivering products, services and partnerships since 2003. Their next-generation platform empowers travel businesses to provide value, efficiency and exceptional travel experiences. They’ve revolutionised the industry with the effective technology, Junction, which simplifies booking and managing multimodal travel, connecting all travel providers, resellers and partners through a single API.

Snowfall Travel connects the entire travel ecosystem making booking and managing multimodal travel effortless. They empower travellers and travel companies with choice, control and confidence.

What made you choose OnSecurity?

Snowfall Travel used OnSecurity for testing a few years ago. Sandeep, Solution Architect at Snowfall shares: “We initially chose OnSecurity for our Pentesting needs due to a positive experience from a previous engagement.”

What did you think of the onboarding process?

OnSecurity regularly receives positive feedback when it comes to our onboarding process.

He goes on to say: “The onboarding process was well-structured and efficient. It began well in advance of the actual testing, with regular updates and reminders ensuring we were well-prepared. The portal setup included a comprehensive dashboard that provided crucial information about upcoming tests, which we found very useful. Prerequisites were communicated early, and the ease of communication through the portal was highly appreciated.“

How did you find the testing process?

While we are keen to onboard clients efficiently, we ask new customers to complete pre-reqs so that our testers can complete the testing as effectively as possible.

When asked, ‘how did you find the testing process?’, Sandeep said: “The testing process was smooth and professionally managed. We received regular updates throughout the testing phase, and any clarifications we needed were provided promptly. Overall, it was a seamless experience, and the team demonstrated a high level of competence and responsiveness.“

Our in-platform comments section enables clients to chat directly with testers. Whether customers have a question about a particular finding or need to clarify timelines, the comments box allows for prompt responses and facilitates a faster turnaround time.

And were you satisfied with the output of the test?

“We were very satisfied with the test results. The findings were presented in a clear and detailed manner, including causes and remediation steps. The issues were categorised by their impact level (low, medium, high), which greatly facilitated prioritising our fixes. The documentation provided was comprehensive and impressive.

OnSecurity simplifies the management and delivery of pentesting with our easy to use platform. Efficiently quote, schedule, and remediate vulnerabilities using our real-time reporting and free retesting. We take client feedback very seriously. We're known to improve our platform based on client feedback. If you have any suggestions or constructive comments, we'd love to hear them.

And if you are seeking a pentest quote, start today!

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