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What is PCI DDS, why do you need it and how you get it?

What is PCI DDS, why do you need it and how you get it?

Discover the purpose of PCI DSS: securing card payments. OnSecurity offers PCI segmentation pentesting for businesses, ensuring a secure payment environment.

Olivia Tanner
Olivia Tanner
Content & Communications Manager
October 18, 2023

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a globally acknowledged information security framework specifically crafted for organisations that process credit card information.

The PCI DSS was created with one simple goal in mind, so businesses can process credit and debit card payments securely, knowing their business and customers are protected against card fraud and other security vulnerabilities.

Why is PCI Compliance Important?

PCI security standards help businesses detect and prevent both physical and network-based attacks. If an organisation handles credit card data without complying with PCI DSS, they are at risk of a number of consequences. Amongst negative financial outcomes, businesses will likely suffer repetitional damage too.

Other negative outcomes:

  • Unable to process payments
  • Fines and non-compliance fees - from your bank for failing to be compliant
  • GDPR-related fines if breaching compliance
  • Repetitional damage if breached compliance

To mitigate risk and steer clear of penalties stemming from breaches or non-compliance, organisations should have a comprehensive grasp of their methods for storing, processing, and transmission of cardholder data credit. They must also ensure the full implementation of all relevant PCI DSS requirements to maintain information security.

The PCI DSS Requirements

PCI DSS Requirements

Staying compliant with OnSecurity's Pentesting Services:

PCI segmentation requires regular manual pentesting to ensure business network segments are dissociated away from the cardholder data environment (CDE). Businesses should review their operating system by utilising vulnerability scanning tools. With this, businesses can be assured their cybersecurity compliance is to standard and avoid data breaches.

OnSecurity offers PCI segmentation pentesting to ensure the business card/payment environment is secure and to identify vulnerabilities. Our specialised penetration testers complete the penetration testing report providing the evidence required to show you are compliant. The Qualified Security Assessors (QSA), part of the PCI Security Standards Council, will request this to complete the audit.

Start your risk assessment today - book your pentesting with just a few clicks today!

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