Yonder chooses OnSecurity as its Cybersecurity partner

Yonder chooses OnSecurity as its Cybersecurity partner

A new case study uncovering our real-time reporting, transparent pricing, and a seamless onboarding process making us the trusted choice for pentesting.

Olivia Tanner
Olivia Tanner
Senior Marketing Executive
November 12, 2023

With over 300 customers globally, OnSecurity has been at the forefront of offensive online cybersecurity since 2018. With real-time reporting and retesting, OnSecurity prides itself on offering a high-end penetration testing service.

Our transparent pricing and simple online booking system are popular among many businesses. In fact, this is what drew Yonder to our platform.

Let’s talk about our friends at Yonder…

Yonder is a lifestyle credit card which allows members to earn points on all purchases that can be spent on great experiences across the city. Yonder is currently London-focused, but it has big plans to dominate the UK within the coming years, as it strives to “make money rewarding and credit empowering for the next generation.”

Established in 2021, Yonder has seen many milestones including one remarkable round of funding, raising a whopping £63M series A. With exponential growth, Yonder recognised the importance of cybersecurity from the get-go. Partnering with OnSecurity in 2021, Yonder has used a range of our products and services from our popular vulnerability scanning tool to regular penetration testing.

How has OnSecurity helped?

Finding a CREST-accredited penetration provider was important for Yonder. While the team were already using Scan (our vulnerability scanning product) it made sense to continue working with us for their penetration testing.

Harry Jell, Co-founder and CTO shares: “We had already been using Scan for a while to help us identify risks. So when it came to booking our pentest it made sense to look at an integrated suite. It was super important for Yonder to have a centrally managed dashboard with real-time reporting and, fortunately, OnSecurity offers just that.”

How did you find the onboarding process?

Harry said: “Exceptional. The team was extremely helpful from the word go, especially our Account Manager, Elliott.”

OnSecurity prides itself on our seamless onboarding process, supporting prospective customers with the necessary solutions as easily as possible. Harry shared: “It was easy to get a quote and review the dashboard, which provided a place to share information with the wider company.”

The testing process….

We’re using technology to make pentesting better for our customers. Investing heavily in technology and innovation, we ensure our customers get the best experience possible. When asked, “How did you find the testing process?” Harry mentioned: “The testing process was amazing, particularly with instant notifications throughout the test, alerting us of any issues immediately. We were happy with the efficient feedback on the dashboard and how easy it was to talk directly to the pentester, this is a really nice touch.”

Would you recommend OnSecurity?

Harry said: “Absolutely! In fact, we already have!” Continuing to say: “We were super happy with the whole process from start to end and look forward to using OnSecurity as our dedicated cyber security partner.”

Looking for a trusted CREST-accredited penetration provider? Get a quote today.

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