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PCI DSS Compliance Penetration Test

Pentesting for PCI DSS compliance is designed to ensure the safety of cardholder data held by any organisation which ‘stores, processes or transmits’ it. Performing a PCI pentest enables an organisation to adhere to PCI certification and identify weaknesses in their security. Show your customers you’re taking their data security seriously, and avoid crippling fines and penalties incurred by a potential breach.


What are the PCI DSS Requirements?

PCI DSS requirements extend to general good practices in security, including password management and log monitoring as well as penetration testing. Organisations required to submit evidence of an annual penetration test include merchants, service providers and ecommerce sites - anyone handling customer data.

The certification requires the entirety of the cardholder data environment (CDE) perimeter to be tested, both internal and external, including any applications developed specifically by or for the organisation. This test must be performed at least annually, and after any significant changes, such as patches, upgrades or modifications.



There are three types of penetration test, black-box, grey-box and white-box, relating to the amount of information the tester is given prior to the test. PCI DSS pen tests are usually performed as white-box (where the tester has complete knowledge of the network), or grey-box (partial details provided), as these are more time and cost effective.

Penetration testing is a ‘manual first’ activity, deliberately attempting to exploit vulnerabilities as a real attacker would, including Segmentation testing (attempts to breach entry points to your CDE). During testing, both internal and external threats should be considered to ensure you’re getting an accurate picture of your security.


Comply with PCI DSS Penetration Testing To Protect Sensitive Information



So how important is PCI DSS compliance, and why should you do it?

Well, how much do you value your reputation? With over 60 million daily card payments forecasted by 2026 in the UK alone, customer confidence is crucial to your bottom line; and more than two thirds of adults say they wouldn’t stay with a business after a breach. Plus, you’re potentially liable to fines and legal action.

Your organisation should be treating customer data as an absolute priority by identifying and addressing risk, not just as a tick-box exercise. You may also find that potential partners require you to be compliant in order to work with them. The PCI Security Standards Council sets out a starting point for good practices, and means you’re contributing to a high standard of global data security.


How PCI Penetration Testing Benefits Fintech Businesses

The average cost of a cyber attack in 2021 was £2.9 million, increasing to over £6 million for fintech organisations. Despite huge digital progress in the industry, fintech still suffers the highest costs from cybercrime. The reason? It’s the cornucopia of financial and personal data up for grabs, plus the diversity of environments the industry operates in.

All this means that it’s not a matter of if your organisation will be targeted, it’s when. It’s of vital importance to not only understand your risks, but know how they will stand up to malicious activity. PCI Compliance penetration testing evaluates your customer data environment (CDE) and scrutinises your security controls and configurations, while improving understanding of your security posture as a whole.


How OnSecurity Perform A PCI Penetration Test

OnSecurity’s PCI DSS Penetration test service is a flexible approach to keep up with the rapid pace of today’s agile businesses. Scoping takes only 60 seconds, with a few simple assessment questions to determine the complexity of your CDE environment. Get a quote, book online, and securely communicate information about your network through our industry-leading portal.

Our experienced testers will get to work assessing and attempting to exploit your environment, using real hacking methods and knowledge of common vulnerabilities. Unlike other vendors, we report in real time - notifying you of any vulnerabilities as we find them, and we’ll retest your fixes for free.

Get proactive about your security with the most agile pentesting vendor in the world, and get a quote today in just a few clicks.


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